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Stoughton Downtown Redevelopment Plan

The Stoughton Redevelopment Authority (SRA) is undertaking the creation of a redevelopment plan for Downtown Stoughton under M.G.L. Chapter 121B, which allows Redevelopment Authorities, acting as urban renewal agencies, to redevelop substandard, decadent, or blighted open areas for commercial, residential, recreational, educational, and other purposes.


What is Urban Renewal?
  • Urban Renewal is the process of revitalizing underutilized areas in neighborhoods, towns, and cities for commercial, business, residential, and other uses.

  • This process was established by the Massachusetts Legislature and allows urban renewal agencies to take public actions to help foster growth in communities.

Why is Urban Renewal Important?
  • Urban Renewal is important because it helps cities and towns restore a character and sense of place that may have been lost over years of disinvestment.

  • Redevelopment authorities accomplish this by attracting private investment, usually through a series of strategic public actions.

Downtown Stoughton Urban Renewal Area Boundary

Downtown Stoughton
Urban Renewal Area 

Urban Renewal Process

urp process_edited.jpg

“The Stoughton Downtown should be the municipal, social, and cultural heart of the community, with a strong sense of place and belonging for residents, employees, and business owners.”

Vision from the Stoughton Master Plan

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